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Danish police find torso of woman after submarine sinking

The body of a woman has been found in the Baltic Sea near where a missing Swedish journalist is believed to have died on a privately built submarine, Danish police said late Monday. Read More

Police: Fugitive’s death ‘breaks’ cell behind Spain attacks

Updated on  August 21, 2017 at 11:56 am
The lone fugitive from the Spanish cell that killed 15 people in and near Barcelona was shot to death today after he flashed what turned out to be a fake suicide belt at two troopers who confronted him in a vineyard not far from the city he terrorized, authorities said. Read More

Navy chief orders probe into Pacific fleet after collisions

Updated on  August 21, 2017 at 11:19 am
The U.S. Navy ordered a broad investigation Monday into the performance and readiness of the Pacific-based 7th Fleet after an early morning collision between the USS John S. McCain and an oil tanker in Southeast Asian waters left 10 U.S. sailors missing and others injured. Read More

Hospital officals: Nearly 500 dead in Sierra Leone mudslides

Churches across Sierra Leone held special services today in memory of those killed in mudslides and flooding earlier this week, as hospital officials announced the toll had risen to nearly 500 bodies collected. Read More

Police: 39 people detained over neo-Nazi march in Berlin

Berlin police say 39 people were detained Saturday in connection with a far-right march commemorating the 30th anniversary of the death of high-ranking Nazi official Rudolf Hess. Read More

Spain: Police think extremists planned massive bomb attack

Police put up scores of roadblocks across northeast Spain today in hopes of capturing a fugitive suspect from the 12-member Islamic extremist cell that staged two vehicle attacks and plotted much deadlier carnage using explosives favored by Islamic State militants. Read More

Merkel stands by her 2015 decision to open German borders

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday stood by her decision to open Germany’s borders to hundreds of thousands of refugees two years ago, a move she has previously defended as a necessary response to a humanitarian emergency. Read More

Hundreds missing in Sierra Leone mudslides likely dead

Survivors picking through the debris of Sierra Leone’s deadly mudslides were facing the reality today that most, if not all, of the hundreds of people missing are dead, as relief and aid efforts intensified. Read More

Venezuela congress defies push to take over its powers

Venezuela’s congress met today in defiance of what opposition leaders consider an autocratic push by allies of President Nicolas Maduro to usurp the legislature’s powers. Read More

Counter-protesters block neo-Nazi march to Berlin prison

Left-wing groups and Berlin residents prevented more than 500 far-right extremists from marching today to the Berlin prison where high-ranking Nazi official Rudolf Hess died decades ago. Read More

Spain, France press manhunt for ringleader in dual attacks

Updated on  August 19, 2017 at 1:17 am
Authorities in Spain and France pressed the search today for the supposed ringleader of an Islamic extremist cell that carried out vehicle attacks in Barcelona and a seaside resort. Read More

Memorials grow along site of deadly attack in Barcelona

Updated on  August 18, 2017 at 1:45 pm
An ever-expanding jumble of flags, candles, teddy bears and flowers grew today at the base of Barcelona’s ornate Canaletes Fountain, where a local legend says that those who drink from the monument will fall in love with the city and always return. Read More

Finnish police shoot man who stabs 8 people in Turku; 2 dead

A man stabbed eight people today in Finland’s western city of Turku, killing two of them, before police shot him in the thigh and detained him, police said. Authorities were looking for more potential suspects in the attack. Read More

Back to bomb shelters? North Korea threats revive nuke fears

After the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the era of nuclear nightmares — of the atomic arms race, of backyard bomb shelters, of schoolchildren diving under desks to practice their survival skills in the event of an attack — seemed to finally, thankfully, fade into history. Read More