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Lee Cataluna


Lee Cataluna: What it’s like when 1 job isn’t enough

When Local 5 workers talk about their second or third job, though, it’s not about fun money or to fulfill a passion or because the travel benefits are so good. It’s straight-up survival. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Fundraiser for vital service is this month

Several months ago I was invited to emcee a fundraiser dinner for the Waipahu Aloha Clubhouse. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Cost concerns doom plans for preserve in Aina Haina

Last year, a nonprofit organization bought a stretch of undeveloped hillside below Hawaii Loa Ridge in East Honolulu for a notable price: $380,000 for 75 acres in one of the priciest neighborhoods in Hawaii. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Convention center has evolved into a typical state facility

There seems to always be a Cosplay or Comic Con at the Hawai‘i Convention Center, with happy people in wigs, capes and tights skipping across Atkinson to reach the glass-front walls of the building like they’re heading to a crystal castle in their fantasy story. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Campaign trinkets still wanted (sort of)

I was about to write a lament about how local politicians “these days” (“these days” is a requisite phrase for a lament from someone my age and older) don’t give out little logo items when they campaign door to door. Read More

Lee Cataluna: ‘A Walking Shadow’ steps into mind of a murderer

The case of Myles Fukunaga is one of the most notorious crimes in Hawaii history. Fukunaga was 19 years old, dispossessed and mentally ill in 1928 when he kidnapped a young Punahou student, took the boy to a grove near the Ala Wai canal, killed him and then wrote a ransom note to the child’s wealthy father. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Sidewalk laws should be fair to all

You decide to get rid of the carpet in the living room. So old already. The shag isn’t even shaggy anymore. Read More

Lee Cataluna: School marching toward awareness, responsibility

On Thursday, 100 students from Damien Memorial School will participate in the Men’s March Against Violence. Damien Students have joined in the march for the past 23 years, well before the all-boys Catholic school became co-ed in 2012. Read More

Lee Cataluna: The more things change, the less we progress

So many changes and innovations but so few solutions for the deepest ailments and thorniest problems. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Simple gift involves many hands

In a hospital bed in Miami, 17-year-old Rebekah Lewis read the hand-written note from a boy in Hawaii. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Infighting is not ‘fighting the good fight’

Hawaii Republicans obviously have an uphill battle in the state. On top of that hill are the smug Democrats, really not paying the Republicans much attention. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Grandma, can I borrow your yoga pants?

Beyond yoga pants and inky eyebrows and puppy ears on Instagram, the shorthand for this era will probably not be kind. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Kauai feels the burden of overtourism

The new Kauai Tourism Strategic Plan has at its heart a stunning premise — that tourism has reached capacity on the island. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Ige’s not hiding, but he’s totally dodging

Republican gubernatorial candidate Andria Tupola sent out an email blast last week with the provocative subject line: “Can You Believe He’s Hiding?” Read More

Lee Cataluna: Media spotlight is not for everyone

Attention is catnip for some, kryptonite for others. I think every journalist has navigated the tender negotiations of convincing a reticent person it will all be OK. Usually it is. Read More

Lee Cataluna: The politics of storm prep rains down opportunities

‘There’s no way that the government ever looks good after a natural disaster, because there will always be the sense that more could have been done.” Read More

Lee Cataluna: Lines form, friendships blossom in Waimanalo

People have been showing up early in the morning to buy eggs in Waimanalo. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Schools have changed, but bullying endures

It was wrong back then. It’s wrong now. It shouldn’t take lawsuits and horrific videos and mulling to bring about peace in every child’s school day. Read More

Lee Cataluna: ‘Monster’ homes continue with total impunity

To build a house on Oahu requires armloads of permits and long months of waiting for approval. Read More

Lee Cataluna: If you don’t buy water you don’t need to return it

Now that the panic has drained away and we’re back to the normal grind of just trying to eke out a living in these gorgeous, overcrowded, expensive islands, can we take a moment to talk about the bottled water thing? Read More

Lee Cataluna: Maybe this time a prison will be built

If Ige manages to get a prison built during his administration, or even get the construction started in earnest, it will be something close to a miracle. Read More

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